Custom Rubber Products Manufacturer and Distributor

Elder Rubber is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of custom rubber products and aftermarket automotive rubber components. Our objective is to be your complete source of service parts to the rebuilder or wholesaler.

For 50 Years we have been providing custom, quality rubber components including varying sizes of o-rings, grommets, bushings, duckbill check valves and brake system parts. We strive to blend a tradition of competitively-priced quality products with a commitment to serve the ever expanding needs of a changing, diversified marketplace.

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Certifications and Associations

International Accreditation Forum TRC ANAB Accredited RoHS compliant Rebuilding, Remanufacturing, Saving the World's Environment Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association Ford Q1 Supplier

AS9120, Rev. A/ISO 9001:2008
Certificate Number TRC 00830