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Our military grommets fully meet the required military regulations and range in a variety of inner diameters, outer diameters, and groove widths. We carry An-931 Army-Navy standard grommets to procurement specifications An-G-21 and MS-35489 military standard grommets that supersede An-931. Our military grommets are made from hot-oil and coolant resistant rubber with MIL-G-3036 specification. If the grommet you are looking for is not in our warehouse we will gladly find the one you seek. Below are the military grommets that we feature in our catalog.

AN-931 Army-Navy Standard Grommets: to procurement specifications
An-G-21. Rubber, hot-oil and coolant resistant material specification MIL-G-3036
MS-35489 Military Standard Grommets: Supersedes An-931.
Rubber, hot-oil, and coolant resitant material specification MIL-G-3036

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Product #MS35489-9-G
OD - A (In.)5/16
ID- B (In.)1/16
HT- C (In.)9/16
GW- D (In.)13/16
GD- E (In.)5/16
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