Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
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Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
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Cups can typically be found in hydraulic or pneumatic services including rams, plungers, or piston heads. The mechanically sealing surface is generally bound to the interior.

Cups are also commonly used due to universal acceptance, efficient assembly, economical cost, excellent service life, as
well as they are simple accessories.

Cups are extremely easy to install and supply long lasting service life and are readily available in various materials suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic applications.

The symmetrical seal design is acquired by means of flared and flexible lips contacting the rod or cylinder walls. The effectiveness of the seal increases as internal pressure also increases against the interior surface of the lip.

Typical applications used are hydraulic jacks and cylinders, reciprocating piston pumps, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic presses, pneumatic and brake cylinders.

Elder Rubber, Inc. custom cup products are affordable, durable, and eco-friendly!

We manufacture custom products in varying types, shapes, and specifications to meet your needs.

Contact us for more information on your custom product requirements.

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Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
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Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
Elder Rubber, Inc. Irving, Texas
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